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Zanskar Lake

Zanskar Valley The unapproachable Zanskar trek will understand the rugged trekkers all across the main core and virgin areas of Ladakh to bring the last word adventure in their lives. The areas of cold Zanskar are often witnessed after no habitation considering enormously few trekkers venturing out about this trail thanks to the unfriendliness of the trail. While rummaging through the distant Zanskar, the trekkers can locate the chance to cross 3 high passes, many streams & rivers, trek through distant gorges of Zanskar and may have a promenade re narrow trails or upon supportive sections following than no trails. At high adventure quotient, you'll profit the awesome feeling of exploring unending views altogether directions of the intricate Himalayan and Karakoram ranges from the tall passes of Rubrang La (5200m), Kongmaru La (5150 m) and Cha Cha La (4900m). Trekking across the standoffish Zanskar is really getting concerning the arid, high - altitude cool desert of Ladakh & Zanskar, hiking re the villages of Markha Valley, rafting upon the Indus, unintentional to understand the sweetness of the region from every second twist, opportunity to ascertain into the traditional Buddhist culture from stuffy proximity and a visit to some ancient monasteries. beat all detached Zanskar trekking is really an unforgettable compilation of thrill, vibrancy, exploration, and pleasure during a one run.